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Cool Down, It's Just Water!


Problem: What happens to the temperature of warm and cold water when left at room temperature?

Hypothesis: ____________________________________________________________.

Materials: 3 thermometers, 3 string rods, heating element, ice, paper towels, 3- beakers, 300 ml's of water, stopwatch, graph paper.


  1. Fill 1 beaker with ice and 100 ml of water. Add 100 ml of water to another beaker.
  2. Heat 100 ml of water in the third beaker until it's 70 C.
  3. Remove ice from the second beaker and put a thermometer in each of the three beakers. Record the temperatures of all three beakers of water (Below).
  4. Predict in the hypothesis what will happen to all the beakers over a 15 minute period.
  5. At one minute intervals record the temperatures of all of the beakers. Stir all beakers between each reading. Continue this for 15 minutes.
  6. Use a different colored pencil for each line of the graph that you are about to make.


Cold Water Temp.
Warm Water Temp.
Room Temp. Water











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