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Put yourself in Giligan's shoes?

Problem: What things are needed to sustain life on a deserted island?

Hypothesis: _________________________________________________________

Materials: Paper, writing utensil, markers, lots of help form the computer lab.


1. You will be a group of four people. You have been so great in class thatyour teacher has arranged to send your group to your own private island. The only catch is that your teacher's boat is so big that it takes ten years to fuel up. So you will be on the island all by yourselves for ten years.

2. The island is covered with vegetation. The only thing is that when your Teacher's boat pulls up to the island it scares all of the animal life of the island. The soil is good for farming, since you are located a couple of thousand miles from Hawaii. Describe what animal & plant life you will bring with you and why.

3. Your Teacher, being the generous person, also gives you 100,000 dollars to upgrade the island. You must tell what you will have done to the island before you live there and why. You must account for every penny.

4. You can have no visitors once you reach the island!

5. Your group will present this to the class.

6. You must also name your island!

7. Good Luck!

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