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Valentine's Day Vocabulary Quiz Worksheet

Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. Party a person who holds another in high regard and has close feelings and interactions with them
2. Chocolate a pleasurable food made with sugar and syrup such as chocolate or gum
3. Sweetheart firmly stating that something either will or will not be done
4. Charm jewels in various shapes and sizes that attach to a necklace
5. Forever a social gathering to commemorate an event or to connect with others
6. Valentine something that lasts until the end of time ; not ever ending
7. Candy a person with whom strong affection is felt towards
8. Holiday a rectangular piece of cardboard that can be opened to reveal a special message inside
9. Friend the manner of having a positive feeling for a certain object
10. Like an item given as a show of appreciation or support and in which no repayment is expected
11. Card the feelings or desires of wanting something in the future.
12. Sweet a special taste reaction to something sugary
13. Promise candy produced from syrup and cacao that is then sweetened and flavored for a variety of purposes
14. Unity a special occasion in which something is commemorated or celebrated
15. Cupid a blossomed seed with colorful petals at the top of a long green stem
16. Love a message sent, sometimes anonymously, to convey affection and admiration for another person
17. Gift an organ in the body that is also used as a symbol for love and compassion
18. Hope a god of love who is represented by an infant with a bow and arrow
19. Riddles becoming one in regards to human interaction
20. Flowers a deep affection and intimate close feeling for another thing
21. Joy the delight felt after a certain event or instance that causes happiness
22. Heart a question pondered to test one's brain and deciphering skills

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