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Martin Luther King, Jr. Vocabulary

discrimination characterizing against a person because of external factors such as group, class, race, or religion
dream visions or thoughts of positive action in the future
justice a punishment or reward for actions brought forth and executed
leadership to guide or give direction to a group
minister a person who leads religious worships and ceremonies
nonviolence the lack of physical or rough force
peace a condition of harmony between people and groups
protest a demonstration of disapproval for a person, action, or idea
racial things related to a persons heritage and skin color
civil rights freedoms that every nationality can take advantage of; the right to personal space
segregation to separate any object or person from the main group because of differences
speech communicating a thought or idea in front of an audience
struggle to advance slowly against a strong idea or force
boycott to abstain from an object, place, or idea because of resentment towards it


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