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Memorial Day Vocabulary Words

cemetery an area where remains of deceased people are buried underground
ceremony a formal activity or observance dedicated to a specific event
commemorate to honor a memory or dedicate an event to a particular happening
country all the people of a certain district or location; all the states as a whole
freedom the state of being exempt from physical or mental restraint
honor to give the highest respect, to pay tribute to a person or event
loyalty faithful and dedicated to one's country or ideas
memorial an object or event dedicated to preserve the memory of someone or something
monument a statue that has special meaning because of a historical person
soldier a man or woman trained with military skills in the art of war
tribute an offering or celebration to a particular person, happening, or achievement
troops two or more military groups assembled for battle
unknown something that is yet to be identified, discovered, or explored
wreath a circular band of leaves and flowers used for decoration and adornment

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