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The Brain Teaser Five Pack Worksheet Version 8

1. A boy needs to be at school by 8:15 am. If it takes him 15 minutes to take a bath, 20 minutes to get dressed, 25 minutes to eat, and 15 minutes to ride his bike to school, what time does he need to get up?



2. If Darla has enough money to purchase 8 cd's per week, how many weeks would it take her to purchase 72 cd's?



3. If George has 12 minutes to get to school, how many seconds does he have?



4. If you begin a problem with a one-digit integer, multiply the number by 4, add 7, divide by 3, subtract 5, and get an answer of 0, what is the beginning integer?



5. A local church is collecting clothes for the needy. The church plans to help 32 families. If each family has 4 people and the church gives them 3 outfits per person, how many outfits does the church need to collect?



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