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The Brain Teaser Five Pack Worksheet Version 18

1. Sunnyside park has 3 different playgrounds. Each playground has 6 benches. If a flower bed is planted on each side of each bench, how many flower beds will be planted in all?



2. If a copy machine can make 37 copies per minute, how many copies can you make in 15 minutes?



3. Elsie is finishing second grade. If she goes to school 147 days per year and she has 10 years of school left, how many days of school does she have left in all?



4. Matt, Mark, Monte, and Milfred have a race. Matt did not come in first or last. Milfred finished after Mark. Monte finished after Milfred. Who finished first?



5. If you have 180 books in 9 boxes, how many books would you have to sale to empty 1 box?



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