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The Brain Teaser Five Pack Worksheet Version 17

1. Mr. Norris bought each student in his class a book from the book fair for Christmas. If he has 32 students and each book cost $2.75, how much did Mr. Norris pay for the books?



2. Mr. Hayes is a farmer. If he wants to produce 438 bushels of oats and he has 6 acres of land, how much will each acre need to yield?



3. Ms. Lowder has 2 children, one in first grade and one in fifth grade. Both children need paper for school. Paper costs $2.29 per pack. If the first grader needs 2 packs of paper and the fifth grader needs 6 packs of paper, how much money will Ms. Lowder spend on paper?



4. If it takes a kangaroo 157 jumps to travel 1 mile, how many jumps would it take to travel 5 miles?



5. If Josh left for work at 7:26am and it took him 34 minutes to travel to work, what time did Josh get to work?



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