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The Brain Teaser Five Pack Worksheet Version 14

1. If a blueberry pie costs $3.50 and you order 3 1/2 pies, how much will you pay in all?



2. There are 12 eggs in a dozen. If you have 2 dozen eggs in a basket and you trip and fall breaking 9 of the eggs, how many eggs do you have left?



3. Pamela is getting ready for a party. She has 12 balloons, 11 party hats and 15 paper horns. How many party favors does Pamela have in all?



4. If 4 rocks fit in a box, how many boxes would it take to hold 32 rocks?



5. On Thanksgiving Grandma made 4 pumpkin pies. If each pie has 6 slices, how many people can have a slice of pumpkin pie?



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