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The Brain Teaser Five Pack Worksheet Version 13

1. If it is 56 miles from Smithville to Jonesboro and 98 miles from Martinsville to Jonesboro, how many miles is it from Martinsville to Smithville?



2. If Jill saved $42.61 and Jack saved $21.54, how much did Jack and Jill save together?



3. If Sara spent $92.46 and John spent $51.45, how much more did Sara spend than John?



4. Brian sold some of his toys in a yard sale and made $34.25. He spent $12.75 on new baseball cards. How much money does he have left?



5. Ms. Rogers went to the grocery store. She spent $2.39 for a dozen of eggs, $3.26 for orange juice, and $2.75 for bacon. How much did Ms. Rogers spend in all?



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