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China Vocabulary

abacus An oblong frame with rows of wire or grooves that beads are moved across for making calculations
Asia The largest continent that constitutes nearly one third of all landmass and lies predominantly north of the equator
Beijing Capital of China in the northeastern part of the country
calligraphy Decorative handwriting or handwriting written with a pen of paintbrush on a canvas as art
Confucius A Chinese philosopher that taught about practical morals
emperor A sovereign ruler with great rank and often unlimited power
dynasty A succession of people from the same family that hold ruler positions in a country
chopsticks Each of a pair of small, thin, tapered sticks that are held in one hand and used for eating, often made of ivory, wood, or plastic
bamboo A giant woody grass that mainly grows in the tropics and is often used in making furniture and other implements
lantern A lamp with a transparent case that protects the flame or electric bulb. It has a handle for easy carrying
jade A hard, normally green stone, that is used to make ornaments and jewelry
rickshaw A small two wheeled cart that holds a single passenger and is pulled by another person
panda A large bearlike mammal that is black and white in color and native to the bamboo forests of China
ideogram A written character symbolizing the idea of something without using the sounds necessary to say it
kite A toy that is made with a light frame with thin material stretched over it that is then flown in the wind with a string attached
pagoda A real or imitation Hindu or Buddhist temple or sacred building, typically a many leveled tower


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