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  We are going on an African Safari. We know that there are many different animals in the world. You and a partner will be Safari tour guides and introduce two animals to the rest of the class. You will become an expert on your chosen animal.
  You and a partner will choose two African animals. Before you and your partner guide us on a Safari to introduce us to your animals, both of you need to become experts on the animals by doing research using the Internet. We will be working on this project all week.

  Day1: We will have a brief discussion and power point presentation about African animals.

You and your assigned partner will then use Kidspiration to make a web of animals from Africa. You should include pictures of the animals. Start thinking about which animals you would like to become an expert on.

Day 2-3: Once you have completed the web you and your partner will choose 2 animals you would like to introduce to the class. Once you have chosen your animals, you and your partner will use the Internet sites provided to research them. You should look for the following information:
The name of the animal?

What family it belongs to?

The size of the animal?

What the animal eats?

Where the animal lives (what part of Africa, land, water, both)?

Any other interesting facts you find about the animal!

Day 4-5: Make sure you record your information. When you are done researching you and your partner will put the infromation into a power point presentation. You will present your power point presentation on day 5. Your presentation should be at least 5 minutes long and include:
A title page with the tour guides' names on it

At least 1 picture of each animal

At least 5 of the questions listed above answered and organized

At least 1 interesting fact about the animal

Different backgrounds and colors

At least 5 Internet sources

  Teacher Resources
Additional Resources for the Teacher:

-access to computers
-Internet access
-Power Point
-Media Projector
Congratulations! You are all expert safari tour guides. I hope everyone enjoyed our safari tour.

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