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Rhetorical Devices


  Rhetorical Devices are a technique used in literacy that add style and clarity to writing. It gives the speaker or writer a chance to convey a specific meaning and evoke a specific emotion from the reader.
Another goal of rhetoric is to persuade the reader of a certain point of view that the writer is trying to portray.
  Define the following seven rhetorical devices. After you have defined them, write a paragraph that includes at least five of these devices.

Rhetorical Devices:
  In order to complete this task you must:
-Research Rhetorical Devices and their definitions.
-Incorporate them into sentence structure.
-Understand how to use them appropriately to persuade your reader.
-Use them clearly in sentences to convey emotion.
  Use the following websites to help you find the rhetorical devices and examples of how to use them in sentences:

  After reading about Rhetorical Devices and applying them into your own writing you will become a stronger writer and you will be able to persuade your readers of the emotion you are trying to persuade.

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