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Reading Clocks


  We have been working with telling time. This webquest offers you the oppertunity to practice these skills on line as well as experiment with new ones.
  Students will interactively match and change time on clocks.
  Play Stop the clock at :
to practices reading time to 15 minutes.
Go to:
to set time on the analog clock and check it against the digital clock.
Play stop the clock at:
to experience reading digital clocks using military time.
  Try the following problems:
Set the clock to 4:00 add 30 minutes of reading, add 20 minutes of math, add 10 minutes of spelling practice. What time is it now?
If dinner is ready at 6:15 and it took 45 minutes to make what time was dinner started?

Explain the difference between standard time and military time.
  Create have time problems to have your tablemates try. Discuss at your table anything new you may have learned. Trade and work out tablemates time problems.

This Web Quest is available at