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Physical Activity and You



It is very important to be physically active on a regular basis. One can greatly improve various aspects of their health by being physically active. Even a minor change in one's exercise behavior can have major benefits, yet many people are still not active.Physical activity should not be perceived as a chore but as something an individual enjoys doing.

Nutrition and physical activity are important to lead a healthy lifestyle! We need your help to create a plan that incorporates fitness and nutrition into our every day lives.


Your task is to research the five aspects of health and try to develop a balanced exercise program for someone your age. Try to touch upon all five aspects of health and come up with fun and creative ways to meet the physical activity guidelines for each category.

Your mission is to create an activity calendar using different activities every day. Keep in mind that it is important to make your plan realistic. Consider your every day schedule when creating your calendar.


1.) Research aerobic health, anaerobic health, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility in order to understand which types of activities benefit these aspects of one's health.
2.) Research the recommended physical activity guidelines for someone your age.
3.) Develop an exercise regiment using a variety of activities you enjoy and that cover all five health aspects.

4.) Visit the first 2 sites in the "Resource" tab before making your calendar. The third step will be used to create your calendar.
5.) Think of an activity plan for the week. Make sure to consider your extra-curricular activities.
6.) Make a goal! Such as trying out a new activity.
7.) Visit the third website to create your activity calendar!

  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

United States Department of Agriculture:

Healthier US:

You will be evaluated on your:
1.)Overall knowledge of the benefits of physical activity.
2.) Understanding of the physical activity guidelines
3.) Ability to develop a well balanced, unique, and enjoyable exercise regiment.

In order to receive a good grade, you will need to print out your plan while in class. Take this plan home and have your parents initial after each activity. The following Monday you will turn in your activity sheet and a paragraph long reflection.


Write a 1 page reflection in response to the following points:
1.) Why one should be physically active.
2.) What you enjoyed most or found most interesting while doing this Web Quest.
3.) What steps you are going to take in order to change your physical activity habits.

Physical activity is a big part of our overall health. It is important to make time for an activity every day. Eating healthy is also a key player in our health. Make sure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. Congratulations on completing your activity calendar!

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