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Photo Story - Your Story


  The school year is such a busy time to learn a new way to use a computer. Now that you have a break, consider trying this task that your students will love to do!
  What will you do this summer?

Create an exciting digital story using Photo Story for Windows. Your story will be both visual and audible.
  Using your camera, the internet, or old photographs, collect images of what you will be doing this summer. Select 5-10 images that will help produce your story. You may want to edit your pictures using Adobe Photoshop before you begin. You will also want to think of appropriate music that would accompany your story.

Once you have your images and music on hand, you will open Photo Story for Windows. The on-screen instructions will guide you to upload your images, record your own voice and upload your melodies.

You may want to take more creative control over this project by directing the motion of your pictures as they appear on screen.

Be sure to constantly save to avoid having to redo your project from scratch!

Have fun!
  Photostory Resources:

Adobe Photoshop

  Once completed you will be able to save your Photo Story as a Windows Media file that can be viewed on a computer, uploaded to a website or burned onto a DVD to view on a television (using a compatible player).
  When you are done, share your story with others in the class and your family at home.

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