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Our Community


  A community can be the people and places that make up a specific geographical area anywhere in the world. Simply, it is a place where people, live, work, and play together. Through communities the people build relationships with each other and use resources to help them live their daily life. During this webquest you will explore and complete various activities. During this process you will complete a portfolio as instructed throughout the webquest. Your teacher will collect the portfolio and return to it to you for your future reference to success in being a productive, happy, and healthy member of society. The resources and places you will explore include, your postal service, school, library, police, fire, and hospital communities. During this process you will gain knowledge of very important information that will help you for the rest of your life. Have fun!
  Find out how your community is by exploring the different sites, such as hospital, police station, fire station, school, library, and post office.
  Students will learn the important information about their own community by visiting different websites, and completing the assignments.
  The students will be evaluated by their final written report along with their portfolio.
  After students visit the websites that the teacher suggests and complete all the activities and projects, they will be able to learn more about their beautiful community which is built with safeties and creativities.

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