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My Life, My Money


  Hands on Banking is an easy and enjoyable way to learn the essentials of financial education: the basics of bank services, the importance of saving, smart money management, using credit responsibly, investing, wealth building, and more. Whether its opening a checking account, avoiding identity theft, paying for college, buying a home, or starting a small business, Hands on Banking provides real-world skills and knowledge everyone can use.
  Your task is to complete all six (6) lesson sections in the program. Each lesson will take about 3-5 minutes each.
  Step 1: Log-on to the computer and open Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Type the link address from below in the address bar at the top of the Internet Explorer window. You will be completeing the "Young Adult" section of lessons.

Step 3: Begin completeing the lessons using the interactive website. Remember to write your answers to the study guide as you go along.

First Class Period Complete"
section 1: Getting Started section 2: Earning $
section 3: Spending Smart

Next Class Complete:
section 4: Save, Invest and Build Wealth
section 5: All About Credit
section 6: School and $

  Hands-On-Banking For Young Adults:

  See teacher for Quiz!
  Type a one (1) page reflection in Microsoft Word about "Hands-on-Banking" as a tool for teaching financial literacy.

Put your name at the top and please double space your paper!

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