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Mexico and The Pearl



Mexico is one of the bordering countries to the United States where many people vacation to year round. US citizens especially like to go there because it is close, warm, and have different customs that they enjoy. Even though many of the sports we participate in here in the US are seen around he world, different countries have their own unique sports.

You will travel to Baja California, Mexico, and discover what the leading contributors to the oppression of a people are. Read to discover how Kino attempts to protect his family from oppression and break free from it.
Throughout this Web Quest in which you are about to embark, you will have access to information you need to assist you with your discoveries. When you have completed this Web Quest, your knowledge will help you better understand the natives struggles, particularly that of Kino and Juana.
Watch the following video to help you define oppression and its effects.


What are 3 sports that Mexican people love to play and/or honor more than the American people do?

As you read The Pearl, you will discover the ways in which Kino and Juana live in oppression and why others on the outskirts of their village are content with this way of life. You will also discover why their problems are not resolved when Kino finds the pearl of the world, which is very similar to your winning the lottery.
You will have three final projects:
Individual work:
Reflections of each chapter within the novel (graphic organizers will assist you in developing them)
Interviews of four community members
Group work:

A poster that depicts the results of interviews

A video of a talk show that demonstrates your understanding of oppression with possible solutions


During this task you should skim through each website and only take out the pieces of information you need to complete the task. Take notes as you read so it will be easier to complete the task later on. If you are working in a group make sure you share all of your information with the others so everyone learns the same facts.


After reading each chapter, you will complete a graphic organizer of your choice and write one page that reflects your learning. Include a judgment about the chapter. Finally, develop a file and save your work under Chapter Reflections.. You should have a total of six reflections by the end of the webquest.
Think about the main characters and how they survive in their environment: where do they live? Where and how is their food obtained? Where does their money come from? How do they receive medical attention? Why was this particular chapter important to the novella?

Graphic organizers are found here You must use at least four from the selection.

Create your own glossary by defining all words listed; follow the example.


Mexican Sports-

About Mexico-

Mexico: Sports and Recreation-


Individually, interview four people within the community. Ask them to define oppression, explain how oppression occurs, describe who are those most likely to be oppressed by others, and offer possible solutions that are effective or ineffective. Develop a poster with your group that depicts your most important findings using or Include links to photos of those interviewed along with significant quotes. Submit results of ALL work. This site
includes techniques for interviewing.


Create a video of a talk show that demonstrates your understanding of Kino's plight. Discuss specific issues/events within the novella and what steps Kino could take to be successful in attaining personal happiness for himself, his family, and his village. Consider: Kino's experience with school, women's role in society, Kino's life before, during, and after finding the pearl.

  0-49: very little or no effort
50-59: small effort made to complete task
60-69: does not meet expectations
70-79: few errors
80-89: very good
90-100: excellent
  Good job! You have learned a great deal about Kino's people and their oppression by reading The Pearl. You should have a better understanding about how and why people oppress others and possible solutions to oppression. Do you think society in general has changed?

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