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Make a Business Plan


  Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who owns a business and is the decision maker. This person takes risks--but not without doing research!
  You are going to develop a business plan and present it to the class. In the business plan, you must decide if your business is going to sell a product or provide a service. Other factors you must consider are your competitors, financing your venture, and a competitive price. The business plan must be well organized, be easy to read, and follow a logical format.

Your final product will be a PowerPoint presentation that describes the business you proposed, the information that you found supporting it, and a short business plan.
  There are several important steps you need to follow when writing a business plan:

Step 1: The Executive Summary
Step 2: The Company Description
Step 3: The Product/Service
Step 4: The Marketing Plan
Step 5: The Operation Plan
Step 6: The Financial Plan

  Your final task is to put all of the information that you found into a persuasive PowerPoint presentation. Your goal is to convince the financial backers (your teacher and the other students) to loan you the virtual dollars to start your business.

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