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Influential World Leaders


  This web quest will introduce you to four prominent leaders of the world history. My goal is to have you compare and contrast these leaders, eventually deciding which person you believe was most influential on the regions he/she effected.
  The task is to research four leaders of world history in order to determine which leader, in your opinion, was most important in shaping the history of this world.
  You will be research these four influential people: Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Muhammad. Begin by individually researching each person with the links provided. Take notes while reading what you find online, keep in mind that everything you read might not be true. But by looking at a few sites you should be able to come up with a general consensus of the impact they had on the world. After taking notes on each, compare these people by look at their accomplishments, their mistakes, their impact (whether large or small), and the lasting effects they left on our world. By doing this, it should be simple to decided which person, in your opinion, was most influential. There is no wrong answer, what is most important is that you do as much research as possible and you provide evidence and explanation for the decision you made. I want to see that you researched all four people and took careful thought into comparing each and determining who has the largest impact on society.
  Sites for Adolf Hitler:

Sites for Martin Luther King Jr:

Sites for Franklin D. Roosevelt:

Sites for Muhammad:

Feel free to do you own research, you can use other sites or books, just please stay away from sites like wikipedia. The more information the better!
  You will need to turn in a written report to me in class or send it to me via email. Your report must include a two paragraph description of each person, a two paragraph comparison of the four people, and a paragraph conclusion on who you decided was most influential. In this paragraph you must explain why you chose this person including comparisons to the other people, as well as examples of achievements, accomplishments, and their lasting effect. Keep in mind, regardless of if the person's effect was a positive or negative one, they can still be considered an important person in shaping world history.
  I hope that you understand the purpose of this assignment. Instead of having you come to class and read from the textbook about different important people in world history, I felt it would be more entertaining and engaging to have you do your own research on the computer. If you find yourself having any trouble using the websites or finding research please contact me via email! If you do not have a computer at home, there are computers at school that are available for your use. In order to get feedback on this lesson I am including a short survey that I would like you to fill out for me and include with your written report.

1) Did you enjoy working with computers and research? If not, what type of activities would you prefer to do in order to learn the course material?

2) Did you find it difficult to use the web quest and websites when researching?

3) If there were any ways to improve this sort of assignment, what would they be?

4) Please write any additional comments you have about this assignment, What did you like? What did you not like? Would you like to do this again?

I hope you enjoyed this web quest, please email me with any concerns or questions!

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