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Heroes of United Flight 93


  September 11, 2001 terrorists set in motion an attack on the World Trade Center. Their plot involved using airplanes as a weapon of destruction.
  Explain why the passengers of Flight 93 decided to fight back and the passengers on the other attack planes chose not to fight back.
  1. Using a copy of The Heroes, select a passenger to research.
2. Go to, and find your person. Click on their name.
3. Read and then summarize the information on your passenger. Include their name, age, and an interesting fact.
4. As you view the video, Flight 93, collect information about the events of the day. List reasons why the passengers decided to fight back.
5. Use a web search engine to research earlier hijackings of planes. What happened in most cases? How did this affect the passengers on the planes that went into the Trade Center and Pentagon?
6. Create a time line. How much time passed between each crash. How did that affect the passenger's decisions?
7. Interview a parent or other adult to find out what they remember about that day.
Resources: Read the History Article
  Create a storyboard showing the life of the passenger you researched. Include information on Flight 93 and its outcome. You will create an Animoto based on your storyboard.
  Summarize what you have learned about Sept. 11, 2001. What are your feelings about that day? How have people's attitudes changed since then? Do you think an event like this could happen again? Why or why not?

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