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Government Branches


  Strand 3: Concept 2 Structure of Government: PO 1. Describe the three branches of state and national government:
a. Executive
b. Legislative
c. Judicial

The Constitution explains how our US Government is to be run. It says that it should have three branches; the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial. Each branch has its own set of responsibilities. The Legislature MAKES THE LAWS, the Executive ENFORCES THE LAWS and the Judicial EXPLAINS AND APPLIES THE LAWS... Now imagine you are applying for a job in one of the branches, which branch would you want to work for, and explain why!
  It will be your task to do research on each of the branches and choose a job based on your research you would like to apply for. I will be conducting the interviews, in order to get a high grade you must have good background knowledge on the branch of your choice along with the title and duties of the job you are applying for.
Some options for you are:
1. There are Representatives and Senators in the Legislative branch
2. You can be the president or one of the 14 cabinet members
3. You may be a Supreme Court Justice member
you are not limited to these options you can chose any job that is in the three branches, once you choose a job please let me know by Friday.
  1. Do research on each of the three branches so that you can choose a job that interest you and that is part of a branch.
2. Once you pick a job let me know by Friday so i can come up with a list of questions that may or may not be asked in your interview. So know the knowledge from all the questions since you wont know which questions i will ask!!!
3. You will do research on all the questions i give you depending on the job you decide on.
4. We will work on this for 1 week and the following Friday we will be conducting classroom interviews in front of the class.
5. As each interview happen you will be taking notes on each of the jobs that your fellow peers choose and we could possibly have a quiz over them at the end of the interview process
6. Have FUN and be CREATIVE!! Dont be afraid to ask question or ask your fellow classmates for help on choosing a job.
7. Extra Credit will be given if you come to class dressed up like you would be for an interview!!
  Here are some websites with helpful information on the branches and list of jobs each branch has.

Will be graded on knowledge of the job you have applied for.
I will ask 10 questions from the list of 20 i have given you, correctly answer 9 out of 10 for full credit.
If you answer all 10 out of 10 correctly bonus points will be given as well.
Quiz (if needed): A quiz might be given at the end of all the interviews based on the knowledge of the 3 branches and jobs in each branch, so take notes and pay attention!
  If you have any questions or comments, or would like to send me the answers you have found for your job before you interview please email me at!

Remember have fun!!!

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