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Get into Government!


  Congratulations one and all!!!! You have reached an important milestone in your educational journeyyour senior year of High School! If you havent already, very soon you will be turning 18. Many of you have already been empowered by some of the privileges of becoming a young adult; driving, owning a car, open campus, later curfews, etc. However, as Spidermans Uncle Ben once said, With great power comes great responsibility. Once you turn 18, it will be your right and responsibility as an American citizen, to directly impact the future of your country. How will you do that??? By voting, of course!

  Your web quest will culminate with a Town Hall Meeting where each of you will play the role of the perfect candidate running for a specific government office. In a speech to the class, you will demonstrate how that government officials powers and responsibilities can directly impact our lives by developing a platform and attempting to convince us to vote for you in the next election.
1. Use the resources provided and any other relevant sources of information to complete your assignments.

2. Complete the Government Officials outline to become familiar with the structure of our Federal and State government and the roles of your government officials.

3. Examine the powers that each office has, then focus on the specific government position that you have been assigned.

4. Write a speech to be delivered to the class, in which you present yourself as a candidate for your government position.

Your speech must:

o Identify the government position you are running for

o Describe how you would use the specific powers that this official has in order to positively impact your constituents (Your platform must include a minimum of 5 issues or proposals)

o Attempt to convince these newly eligible voters to participate in the next election.

5. Deliver your speech to the class
  Internet Resources:

The White House

The Constitution Explained

United States Senate

Kids in the House

Print Resource:
United States Government Democracy in Action
Richard C. Remy, PH.D.
  Political Candidate Speech Rubric

Student Name: ______________


4 The student has a full understanding of their government official's powers.

3 The student has a good understanding of their government official's powers.

2 The student has a good understanding of some of their government official's powers.

1 The student has minimal understanding of their government official's powers.


4 Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed.

3 Student seems pretty prepared but might have needed a couple more rehearsals.

2 The student is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that rehearsal was lacking.

1 Student does not seem at all prepared to present.

Research Information

4 Research information worksheets are 100% accurate.

3 Research information worksheets have between 1 and 5 pieces of inaccurate information.

2 Research information worksheets have between 6 and 10 pieces of inaccurate information

1 Research information worksheets have more than 10 pieces of inaccurate information.
  Well, youve got my vote and surely your classmates have been inspired by your speech and eagerly await the opportunity to exercise their right to participate in an election. I hope you have all gained an appreciation for the importance of getting involved in the government process, and realize the impact that government truly has on our lives.

Reflection: What level of government or position do you feel has the most impact on your life? Which of your government representatives do you think are most accessible to the average person? How likely are you to vote in the upcoming elections?

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