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Exploring China



China is a completely different country than the United States of America. In our story "Welcome to China" they give us a little description of China as a country.

China is a fascinating country and is the home to 1/4 of the world's population. You will have the opportunity to research the positive and negative aspects of China in this Webquest.


What are the customs in China and how do they compare to the customs in the United States of America?

The task for this assignment is to find information about China using the 5 Themes of Geography. Get into groups of 5. Each person will have a different task to complete.

1) Location Locater
2) Place Placer
3) Human-Environment Interaction Investigator
4) Movement Mover
5) Region Researcher


Gather information on China's population, clothes, food, and traditions. You will also find information on the United States of America's population, clothes, food, and traditions. Write all of this information down. Place all of your information in your center folder.

The assignment is as follows:

1) Location Locater: Your job is to find the absolute location and relative location of China. Research the two meanings and find maps that are examples of each location. You will record this information using a "Word" document.

2) Place Placer: Your job is to research about China as a place. Place describes the human and physical characteristics of a location.
Physical characteristics include a description such things as the mountains, rivers, beaches, topography, and animal and plant life of a place. Human characteristics include the human-designed cultural features of a place, from land use and architecture to forms of livelihood and religion. You will record your information using a "Word" document.

3) Human-Environment Interaction Investigator: Your job is to explain how humans adapt to and modify the environment in China. Humans shape the landscape through their interaction with the land; this has both positive and negative effects on the environment. What are the positive and negative effects on the environment in China? You will record your findings in a "Word" document.

4) Movement Mover: Your job is to find the ideas, fads, goods, resources, and communication that travel throughout China. This theme studies movement and migration across the country of China. You will record your findings in a "Word" document.

5) Region Researcher: Your job is to show the differences between language, religion, culture, traditions, etc. in various regions (cities, counties, states, etc) of China. You will record your findings in a "Word" document.

  You will use your textbook, almanacs, Encyclopedia's, and the following websites:,

Once you have gathered all of your information you will write a report including all of your findings.

You will turn in your findings from China in a "Word" document. It should include the topic researched and websites used.

China Webquest
Topic Researched:
Section: 7A or 7B

  Tell me how this experience felt? Did you like it? What did you learn? Were you able to make any connections?

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