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Effigy Mounds


  An effigy mound is a raised pile of dirt built in the shape of an animal, symbol, or person. Mounds were only built during the Late Woodland period (A.D. 350-1300)
Effigy mounds were made in many Native American Cultures. The people who made the mounds are called Mound Builders. Native Americans in Wisconsin built more mounds than anywhere else - between 15,000 and 20,000!
  You are challenged to discover the answers to these questions:
1. How were the mounds made?
2. What shapes did the Mound builders make the mounds in?
3. What were the mounds used for?
  You will have 30 minutes to look at the webpages below and discover the answers to the questions. Write down the answers when you find them on the worksheet I gave you.
  You will need to write a paragraph with you partner on the answers to the questions.
  When you're done we will present our findings to the class. Good luck exploring!

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