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Education in Athens


  The education system in Athens was renouned for producing scholars and philosophers and was central to everyday life in Ancient Athens. But who among the Athenians were the most educated? And how were they taught everything they needed to know?
  Your task is to investigate the education system in order to create a promotional brochure for a new Athenian school.

You will be divided into groups of 3.

The first phase of this task requires you to investigate the beliefs of Athenians about education and how their children were educated.

Following this you will design a brochure to encourage new students to come to your school.

Make sure you use Athenian terminology

you must reference where you got you information from on the back page of the brochure.

  Q1. How were Athenian males educated?
Q2. How Were Athenian females educated?
Q3. What was the goals of education for males?
Q4. What was the goals of education for females?
How effective do you think your brochure would have been in attracting new students in those times?

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