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Dramatic Play Resources


  You are the director of a child care center. Congratulations! The grant you submitted to re-do the dramatic play environment for your preschool age (3-5 year olds) classroom was approved! You have been granted $1500.
  You must decide how to spend your $1500. To do this, you will first learn some important facts about dramatic play for 3-5 year olds. Then you will design the new dramatic play environment and purchase some new equipment and materials.
  Begin by reading The article on dramatic play from NAEYC

Then you will begin your research on the web site given below.

Be sure to identify the 5 areas of development that dramatic play can enhance.
  Then begin the web research:

Go to :

Click on Shop by category and choose dramatic play.

Browse all the dramatic play items they list and pick out what equipment you may want to purchase with your grant money. You MUST choose one piece of dramatic play material or equipment that will promote learning in each of the 5 areas identified in the NAEYC article. But you will probably have more than 5 pieces of equipment or materials that you want to purchase total.

Then click on Free Resources and choose Classroom Designer

Follow the directions to create a dramatic play area for 3-5 year olds ( you are NOT designing an entire classroom, you are only going to design a dramatic play environment); more directions and demonstrations/examples will be given in class. Find the way you can print out the list of equipment and materials you have used in your dramatic play environment on the classroom designer page and print it out.

Finally, total up your costs for the material and equipment and dramatic play area design- did you stay in your $1500 budget? Did you discover the total feature on the classroom designer tool?
  You will turn in your dramatic play desgin, your materials list ( with the 5 items designated for the 5 categories) and budget breakdown (list of what you bought and how much it costs) and reflection statement.
  Reflection Statement: Please write 4-5 sentences on what you learned in this web quest. Be thoughtful in your statement, you can use: I never thought...I was surprised by... It was hard to... It was easier than I thought it would be to...

This Web Quest is available at