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  In previous lessons you have been learning the various components of a dance from the steps to the music involved. Today we will be combining these two components previously learnt to gain an in depth understanding of composition.
  Today you will be learning of composition.
  Part 1:
You are to watch the youtube videos that you will find in the resources folder under part 1:
Prior to watching these videos there are a number of things I want you to be looking for:
- The choreography of the dance
- The way the music and the choreography combine
Part 2:
Once one has watched these you are to go to the link in the resources folder under part 2.
Here you are to watch the power point to gain an understanding of composition.
Part 3:
Now in your groups of 4 students are to watch the youtube video as to how to use a wiki in the resources folder under Part 3.

Once completed go to the link under part 3. Follow the instructions as to how to create a wiki.
In this wiki it is expected that your group will use it to interact and upload ideas for the dance you are to compose and upload for your assessment.
If you need more help as to using a wiki look in the Students Resource Folder
  Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
  Students will be assessed via their use of wiki and the dance in which they will compose and present.
  Through this students are expected to have a solid understanding to composition which will help the students be prepared for their assessment task..

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