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Current Event Time Machine


  News will soon cease to be printed on paper. Information is boundless on the internet today. Understanding the past helps one to make connections to the present.

We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world ~ or the last.-John F. Kennedy

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.-George Santayana

Only a good-for-nothing is not interested in his past.-Sigmund Freud

You and your group will make connections between events happening today and what events from the past that led to them.
  - Work with a cooperative group to locate resources and determine a current event that appears in more than one of the resources.
- Choose a related story that you found in more than one resource. Compare and contrast two or more events which led to the events in the story you found. You will make connections between past events and the news happening today.
- Summarize the information and combine your knowledge from the resources that you to present one connection per person about the current event of your choice.
  - Step 1: Review and assign roles to group members.

- Step 2: Complete tasks including selecting a current event which you have linked to a past event that helps one understand the current event better.

- Step 4: Include each group member names on all work. Present findings to class.
  Roles (at least 3):
Coach - Check to be sure that everyone agrees on the instructions, asking for help if there is a disagreement. See that all members have an equal chance to participate and dont waste time.
Surfer - This student will be the only student to use the computer and will listen to the other members (Explorer) ideas on what to do.
Reader - Read information from resources aloud to the group. Check to see that everyone is listening.

Sunshine State Standards:
SS.8.A.1 Use research and inquiry skills to analyze American History using primary and secondary sources.
SS.8.A.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution and the founding principles of our nation.
- Summaries and planning work will be collected and grade based on assignment requirements.

- Feedback will be provided by teacher and class (guided by teacher when necessary).
  Knowing what happened in the past to lead to an event in the present helps one to understand the world. We have successfully taken our first step toward looking at the world with new perspectives. Whenever you hear a news story you will want to know what happened that brought us here.

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