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Cultural Etiquette


  Have you ever wondered what people from other cultures think of our American ways of meeting people? We have a handshake, a wave, maybe a hug or a kiss and what about our high five? We take their meaning all for granted because we are part of the American culture. Let's look at other cultures and they way they communicate using their own social manners.
  Why is it important to understand the social manners of other cultures? Our country is in itself multicultural, meaning we have many people from other countries living in the United States. As Americans we have a need to understand other cultures and their social manners. We are going to explore these different social etiquettes through a web quest designed to give us information about different countries social culture.
  Your web quest is to find information about your countries views on eye contact, body language and social greetings. You must also find a map of your country and information on the language spoken there as well as information on one holiday that is celebrated in that country.
Resources: eye contact background information

  Each group will present a Powerpoint that includes all the information in their web quest. Color, creativity correctness of information and inclusion of all requested topics will be evaluated
  Did you find the web quest easy to navigate? Were you surprised by any of the information you found? How will you be able to use this information in your life?

This Web Quest is available at