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Civil War


  You are a journalist sent out into the Confederate and Union states to find out about certain aspects of the Civil War. You are to "interview" and research 3 major areas of war life: one major battle, a well known person from the Civil War and some recreational activities during Civil War times. After you research these items, you will be creating a newspaper using a template we give u.
  As you research, you will focus on 4 specific types of writing. Listed below are the four types of writing and what should be included in each.

1) You will be writing an article depicting one major battle from the Civil War. You will need to include the start date, ending date, Generals, where it took place, casualties and the outcome. Along with this information, feel free to add other interesting information. This article needs to be at least 2 paragraphs long.

2) Another article you will be writing is an "interview" between you and a well known person from the Civil War. This person could have worked on the Underground Railroad, be a survivor of the Underground Railroad, be an abolitionist, be a General, etc. Once you have determined who you will be interview, make a list of questions you would ask that person. Research your answers and write a believable and interesting interview. Remember to make the focus of your interview about how that person played a role in the Civil War. Remember the unit we did on biographies and use those skills in this section.

3) The third article is going to focus on recreational activities. How did the soldiers past the time between battles? What did they do for fun or to unwind? You will research these answers and then write an article summarizing this information.

4) Lastly, you will be creating a comic strip. This comic strip will tell a story from the Civil War. It will need to be 4-5 pictures long and should be told mainly through the drawings. There should be few words in the comic strip. You may use any of the web sites above to find a "story" from the Civil War or Underground Railroad you would like to use for this.

Most of all have FUN creating this newspaper. It should be factual but also creative and should reflect you as a writer.

  As any journalist, you will have many steps to go through before you are ready to hand in the final copy of your newspaper.

1) You will need to read over he task assigned to you. You can find what is expected of you under TASK on this web quest. Once you have read over the 4 sections of your newspaper, you will need to determine which battle you will research, which famous person, which recreational activities and another aspect of the Civil War.

2) Once you have determined what the four sections are going to be specifically focused on, you will start researching each item. We suggest you take one section at a time and find out all the information needed before moving on to another section.

3) Once you feel you have all the information you will need for each section, start writing the rough draft of your newspaper. Remember to go back and check specifics of the 4 different areas. (Some have length requirements.)

4) You have completed your rough drafts? Great, find an adult to proofread these for you. Ask them to, not only look for spelling and punctuation errors, but read it to see if it makes sense. You may have to explain what each section should sound like based on the information you gathered in the TASK section. (One needs to look like an interview between two people, one needs to be more informational, etc.) Then we need you to revise it and make sure you have met all the requirements specified in the grading rubric.

5) Once an adult has proofread your rough drafts and you have revised your work, you are ready to start the final copy process and send your newspaper to the printer! Use the template provided to type your final drafts onto your newspaper. If you have technical difficulties, feel free to ask your teacher to help you out. Once you have all areas typed out, READ OVER ALL YOUR ARTICLE CAREFULLY for any errors. Then ask your teacher to help you print out your final copy so that you may add the comic strip to it.

6) After you have added your comic strip to the newspaper with pencil, color it how you wish it to look and turn in with the grading rubric that was given to you at the beginning on this assignment
  Use the sites listed above.
  You will be graded using the attached grading rubric. You will also get a hard copy of this so that you have it handy throughout your research. Please make sure you read over it carefully so you are aware of what is expected of you.
  Now that you have completed your research, you should have a good idea how it was to be a reporter during the Civil War times. Be ready to present your information to your classmates and to listen to their findings as well.

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