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Christopher Columbus


  Christopher Columbus traveled many lands. He tried to persuade Kings and Queens to give him money for food and ships so he could find a new route to China. He persuaded King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to give him money. In return he promised to give them new lands, spices, money and new people to become Christians. Who is Christopher Columbus? Why did he want to explore new lands?
  Columbus and other early explorers provide individuals with the opportunity to explore worlds of knowledge and the discovery of the new worlds. Go on a web hunt to learn more about Christopher Columbus; Find out why he wanted to explore new lands; discover the lands he explored and find out the experiences and adventures of the explorers.
Answer the following questions in your search.
1.Who is Christopher Columbus? Describe his early years.
2.Why did he want to explore New Worlds?
3.How many voyages did Christopher Columbus take? Which countries did he discover on each trip?
4.How many ships did Christopher Columbus use on his mission? Write a paragraph sharing what you have learned about them.
5.How were Columbus crew paid on the first voyage?
6.At what age did Columbus die? Explain the cause of death?
  1. This is a group project so each participant must work together to find answers to the questions ask in your search. Select a leader, recorder and a reporter. Everyone must agree on what is to be reported. Each group must have at least four members. The leader can be the reporter. Make your presentation original and interesting.
2. Have a group meeting to decide how the assignment will be conducted. Designate place and time to discuss and share responses. Present your finding in PowerPoint or written report.
  A rubric with a clear understanding of the grading criteria will be used to evaluate your efforts. A copy of the rubric is provided for you. You will all receive a collaborative grade.

  When you are finished you will have a better understanding of who Christopher Columbus was, why he wanted to explore new lands and the experiences he had during his explorations.

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