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Causes of the Revolution


  You have been hired as a researcher for the Green Local History Channel. Your job will be to find specific information for the events that led up to the Revolutionary War. The directors want this information in the form of a road map. They also want colorful pictures to attract the students attention. Lets get moving.the open road is waiting.
  Create a story board of the causes of the revolution based on research done in class.
  Research- You will research 6 revolutionary events on the Internet.

Summarize- Rewrite the information you find in a short paragraph.

Proofread- You will have three classmates proofread your paragraphs

Design- You will design your roadmap

Add Information and pictures- You will fill in the roadmap with your information and illustrations.
  Proclamation of 1763-
STamp Act-
Townshend Act-
Boston Massacre-
Boston Tea Party-
Intolerable Acts-



Your Quest may need to be started again.

Your Quest is not yet complete

Youve won the race to Independence!!!!

Content /12 - The events you included had nothing to do with the topic that was listed
- The events were included for each topic
- Not only were the events included for each topic, but they were detailed and descriptive.

Creativity /9 I could not tell what information your drawings were trying to show. There was effort put into your drawings, but they were a bit confusing. Your drawings could be entered into an art contest! They helped describe the topics very well with extended detail.

Grammar /6 Many errors:
- run-on sentences
-punctuation Some errors:
- run-on sentences
-punctuation Your sentences were flawless!

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