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A Trip to Remember


  Pack your bags! You are getting ready to journey
into the Spanish-speaking world of Latin America.
Latin America is a series of countries where Spanish is the primary language.
You will need to use your previous knowledge as well as complete research
and other tasks to find out new information, which will make your journey
possible and enjoyable. At the end of this Quest, you will be ready
for your passport to the Spanish-speaking world. Good luck!
  Your task is to use the Internet to find out more information about the country you are visiting.
  Your task will be:
* give the name of two popular tourists spots

* a brief history and location of any ancient ruins

* three typical foods

* weather and climate

* Three major cities

* Three bodies of water (rivers, lakes, etc.)

* population

* type of money used

* exchange rates of that country's money versus US dollars.
You would also need to include:
* what kind of clothing you would need to pack
* what you could expect to eat
* how much money you would need to take with you
* the places you would visit
* activities you could do while there
* any other information you wish to include

  Typical Foods:
Basic Travel Information:
El Salvador:
Costa Rica:
  You will evaluated on the effort that you put on this project.
  Congratulations!!! Now your are an expert on you Latin American country. All you need now is a passport and a plane ticket and you are on your way. Visit this link, ticket to travel, fill in the information on the form, then print out your passport.

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