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Art History


  Artists have used their art as a way to express their opinions on social and political events throughout history. This web quest will help you find works of art that were created by artists as a response to various historical events.
You will select three pieces of art, research the time period in which it was created, and think about what caused the artist to create the works of art.

  -Select the time period you want to research, and visit the information pages associated with your chosen time period.
Choose one of three time periods:
18th century
19th century
20th century

-Choose three pieces of art to research.
For each piece of art you must include the name of the piece,
the artist's name, the time period it was created in, and a
short explanation as to why the artist created it.

-Create a PowerPoint presentation to the class as your audience, including slides of your chosen works, and an oral explanation of why you chose these particular pieces.

Explore the following linked files. Take notes on things you find interesting on each site.
- If you print out the files, underline the passages that you feel are the most important.
- If you look at the files on the computer, copy sections you feel are important by dragging the mouse across the passage and copying/ pasting it into a word processor or other writing software.








Focus what you've learned from your research into a PowerPoint presentation, that represents the three works of art you choose to focus on.

Each specialist should:

Find pieces of reactionary art from different time periods and art movements

Come back together with the other members of your web quest team, discuss, analyze and form a persuasive argument for the pieces you have found to put in your exhibit.

Collaborate to put together a Power Point presentation as a group

Use information, pictures, facts, opinions, etc. from the web pages you explored to convince your teammates why your selections fit the criteria of the exhibition as reactionary works of art.

  Students are provided with tools (usually web sites), or leads to tools that can help them complete the task. In order for this to be valuable, a teacher must thoroughly review each source.
  You will jointly create a PowerPoint presentation using all the resources available to you.
  Your web quest team should agree with all the entries to your exhibit. The PowerPoint presentation will be shared with the class as your exhibitions.

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