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Aesop's Journey


  As Aesop began to write, "A Dog was carrying a piece of meat in his mouth to eat it in peace at home. On his way he had to cross a bridge...You are traveling to Ancient Greece to investigate how Aesop began his career of writing fables.
  Imagine yourself living in Ancient Greece during the time in which Aesop lived, how would you write a fable demonstrating a lesson learned.
  Step 1: Review the websites relating to the life of Aesop.

Step 2: Review the websites relating to the writing of Aesop's Fables.
a) Pick a Fable
b) Complete a graphic organizer either researched from the internet (Please cite your source) or choose an organizer you are familiar with to complete this task.

Step 3: Using the same organizer as in Step 2, you should plan out your fable.

Step 4: Write your own fable.
  The writing:
- Establishes and maintains an authentic and insightful focused purpose throughout

- Indicates a strong awareness of audiences needs; communicates effectively with audience; sustains distinctive voice and/or appropriate tone
- Demonstrates reflective, analytical and/or insightful idea development; provides specific, thorough support; skillfully applies characteristics of the genre
The writing:
- Demonstrates careful and/or subtle organization that enhances the purpose
- Demonstrates varied and subtle transitional elements throughout

- Demonstrates control, variety and complexity in sentence structure to enhance meaning
The writing:
- Demonstrates control of grammar and usage to enhance meaning

- Demonstrates accurate, rich and/or precise word choice appropriate for audience and purpose
- Demonstrates control of correctness to enhance communication

  As students hand in their work, I will hand them a survey about their journey to Ancient Greece and the world of Aesop.

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