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Aboriginal Legends


  Myths and legends exist in every culture. There are Greek legends, Egyptian legends, Roman legends, Japanese legends, and Aboriginal legends. You are going to read two Aboriginal legends from the Blackfoot people and the Cheyenne people.
  1. In this webquest you will read two aboriginal legends and compare & contrast them the using a Venn Diagram.

2. Once you have completed a Venn Diagram, I would like you to answer the following question: What do you think Aboriginal legends were used for in Aboriginal culture? Explain.

1. Please read the Blackfoot legend and the Cheyenne legend on where the buffalo came from.

2. What similarities do the two legends have?

3. What difference exist between the legends?

  Please answer the following question and attach it to your Venn Diagram:

Based on the the two legends that you've read (and the other ones in class), what do you think the purpose of a legend is?
  Using 3 paragraphs or less explain exactly the similarities and differences between the ancient cultures you have chosen. Pick multiple cultures and describe 2 similarities and differences between your current set.

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