Mother's Day Worksheets

Mother's Day is a day that is celebrated all over the world. However, the days vary depending on which country you are from. Here in America, we celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. This is a day to honor your mother, and to let her know how much you love her. A whole bunch of great worksheets to commerate the greatest women in each of our lives. This set looks at the importance of Mom and all the wonderful things she has taught us.

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  2. Bank On It! Worksheet w/ word bank
  3. Bank On It! Worksheet no word bank
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  5. Crossword Puzzle
  6. Group Creative Writing
  7. KWL
  8. Spelling Worksheet- Circle
  9. Spelling- Missing Letter
  10. Spelling Answer Key
  11. Spiral Worksheet
  12. Spiral Answer Key
  13. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  14. Vocabulary Quiz
  15. Word Chop
  16. Word Scramble Worksheet
  17. Word Scramble Answers
  18. Word Search Worksheet
  19. Word Search Answer Key
  20. Word Wall

Teacher Worksheet Sets

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  2. Mother's Day Teaching Theme
  3. The Month of May

Fun Things to Do in Class for Mother's Day

Mothers are undoubtedly the most caring, loving, and important figures in our lives. They feed us, teach us, care for us, love us unconditionally, influence us and cheer us on throughout our lives. We should celebrate mothers every day, considering what they do for us.

However, there is one special day called Mother's Day on which we celebrate, appreciate, and express gratitude towards the amazing women. Mothers are not only our role models but have also enriched our lives in ways that are hard to describe in words. It is celebrated on May 12 in most parts of the world!

If you are a teacher struggling to come up with Mother's Day activities for your students amidst your hectic schedule, you need not worry; we have you covered. Read on to find out some great ideas for Mother's Day celebration!

Seven Fun Activities That Your Kids Will Love

Here are some fun things to do in class for Mother's Day to keep your students engaged and help them understand the significance of this special day!

1. Making Mother's Day Cards

Handmade cards make for one of the most beautiful and heartfelt gifs. An excellent activity for your students to do in the class for mother's day is preparing cards for their mothers. Allow them to decorate the cards the way they please. Before starting this activity, explain to them the importance of expressing gratitude and appreciation towards mothers who work tirelessly for the health and wellbeing of their children.

This activity will be an excellent opportunity for your students to showcase their creativity! This activity is easy to set up. The list of things you will require is as follows:

- Pain sheets or construction paper in many different colors
- Markers, colored pencils, or markers
- Scissors (to be used under strict supervision)
- Glue
- Glitter, stickers, or anything young students can use to decorate the cards.

Once the students have designed the cards, you could ask them to write a small paragraph or two inside the cars. This activity will double as a great writing exercise. The text in the card can be anything to express appreciation, like a poem, a favorite memory, or reasons that make mothers so awesome!

2. Preparing Scrapbooks

Another fun activity for mother's day is to work on scrapbooks with your students. You could make a friendly completion out of it, rewarding the student with the most creative scrapbook with a special reward at the end.

A scrapbook is the perfect personalized gift that mothers would love if it is a book filled with beautiful memories! Here are a few things you will require oft this activity.

- Colors, markers, pens
- Pictures (ask your students to bring favorite photos with their mothers to school for Mother's day)
- Postcards
- Card stock
- Scrap paper
- Scissors and glue
- Mother's Day stickers
- Ribbons
- Binding material
- Embellishments

3. Writing a Mother's Day Poem Along with A Handprint Flower

A short and sweet handwritten poem paired with a handprint flower would make for a sweet gift for mothers. If your students are familiar with rhyming words, you could ask them to use these words in the poem.

To make the handprint flower, you need some card paper and paint. Instead of asking your students to dip their hands in a bowl of paint (which could make things messy), you could apply the paint on their hands evenly using a paintbrush and then guide their hands on the card, gently pressing it down to leave the handprint.

Once the students have completed this step, make the stems. Distribute a set of paintbrushes or markers to the students and allow them to draw the stem themselves. As a reference picture, you could draw one on the classroom board.

4. Making A Paper Flower Bouquet

Another fun activity to do in the class on Mother's Day with your students is making paper flower bouquets. These bouquets, along with the handmade cards, would make for the perfect gift. You will require some basic items for this exercise, like scissors, glue, and some thick construction paper in various colors.

Watch this simple step-by-step tutorial to get started. Your students will love it! You could pop these bouquets in mason jars you will find at thrift stores.

5. Writing a "Thank You" Letter

Let your students practice their writing skills by asking them to write a thank you letter to their moms. To make this a great learning exercise, you could teach them some new vocabulary words and their meanings and challenge your students to incorporate those words into their letters.

Teach them a proper format for writing letters. This lesson will help them with letter-writing exercises in the future. Keep the letter format formal and for decorative purposes, and hand out some glitter or stickers to the students for them to use on the cards.

6. Designing T-Shirts

Designing a T-shirt would be an excellent way for the students to express their gratitude towards their mothers or any other person they care deeply for. This fun Mother's Day activity is suitable for all age groups.

For this activity, you will need plain white cotton T-shirts in many different sizes, and let your students be creative. Allow them to use stickers, glitter, markers, or anything else that can be used for designing the shirts. Seeing the final product will give students a sense of accomplishment of having created something useful on their own. The t-shirts would make for the perfect token of love for mothers.

7. Creating Booklet of Coupons

A booklet of coupons with promises and short thank you notes –sounds like the perfect gift, doesn't it? It would make for a fun activity for your students on Mother's Day. Students could create coupons depending on what they believe their mothers or caretakers would like.

These coupons could include something like, "I promise to help with chores" or "Thank you for cooking for us every day." This activity will encourage students to be more involved with the family.

Wrapping Up

The significance of celebrating Mother's Day cannot be understated. Use these fun activities in your class with your students to teach them the significance of this very special day.

Happy teaching!