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Halloween Crossword Puzzle Worksheet


1. the everlasting spirit of something deceased

6. a supernatural spirit that usually carries on with bad intent

7. a covering or disguise, often intended to hide the face

9. a flying mammal with webbed wings

10. mystical beings who survive by feeding off other living creatures life force

12. to cut with a knife to put a design into something

13. a body that has been preserved by chemicals or room conditions to prevent decaying

14. a liquid concoction that has been prepared to deliver a physical or mental alteration

15. a person, usually female, who uses supernatural and magical powers


2. a magic curse used to get a desired effect

3. a supernatural being described as being large or grotesque

4. a set of clothes used to hide or enhance an appearance

5. a corpse that has been brought back to life by supernatural circumstances

8. an object or event that is frightening or causes terror

11. a round, orange, stemmed vegetable that grows above ground

16. having a ghost in the house that causes weird things to happen






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