Ratios and Proportions Worksheets

What's the Difference Between a Ratio and a Proportion?

Many people think they are one and the same. The fact is they are very different.

A ratio is s a fraction like 3/4. It can come many forms such as 3 out of 4 equal parts or 3:4, but fundamentally it is a fraction.

A proportion,on the other hand, is an equation that relates 2 ratios. Such as:


The early learning standards never really made this clear. The core standards do make this quite clear in the skills that students need to mastery.

Ratios Worksheets

  • Fruit Stand Ratios - This is a fun one with real world skills. We provide a very well thought out scenario where proportions come into play and are vital for making a living. Not to mention that you get to count fruit.
  • Creating Ratios (Ordered) - We work with guided shapes. Create a ratio that clear spreads out each form of data.
  • Creating Ratios (Non- Ordered) - Students have to do a bit of organizing here. The items in the ratios are spread out and student must first order them before deciding on a proper ratio.
  • Sentence Based Ratios - A step towards the more moderate. All the problems are very straight forward and should make for a solid introduction to this unit or topic.
  • Finish Off the Ratios - Make your own equivalent ratios. 4 sheets in all. Complete the series of equivalent proportions three times per question. 4 versions and 8 pages in all.
  • Ratio Word Problems - Very simple straight forward problems. We offer up some fair questions for students. It should help build their confidence for the tougher problems that follow.
  • Ratio Sentences and Lacrosse - Many teachers rave about this one. The kids started taking up Lacrosse. It is gaining huge popularity in all of North America. So we made a few problems about it. Just wait for our Justin Bieber problems, just kidding!
  • Write the Ratio of the Story - Truly reading within the content (math) area on this one. We mix words with numbers in this one to make sure that students read the problems carefully.
  • Write the Ratio of the Story 2 - Same format new story from above. This one is much more straight forward than the past version.
  • Three Way Ratios - We work on different forms of notation. We have you restate ratios in a various notations and formats.
  • Sales, Stars, and Liquid Ratio Word Problems - Students like the scenarios in this one. Each problem is very realistic and can help steer students towards the answer by just following the given data.
  • Compare the Ratios - Less than, greater than, or equal. Hopefully students will breeze through this one. Our hint is to reduce them to their lowest form and then go from there.
  • Story Based Ratio Problems - A nice set that mimics national learning standards. A very simpole walk into the world of ratios in everyday life. Great for new comers to ratios.
  • Writing Ratios Worksheet - Very introductory based. Two sentence ratios that need to be visualized.
  • Reducing Ratios - As simple as it gets in this skill set. Find a common denominator and go for it! This should be a quick one for you.

  • Proportions Worksheets

  • Make a Proportion - A deep thinking activity. This is a really neat one. We ask students to find two equivalent proportions from a group of random numbers.
  • Shopping with Proportions - This one really hits home with kids for some reason. This introduces students to the concept of unit price which really is just a proportion. WOW! Proportions can save you money, who would have thought!
  • Proportion Word Problems (Simple) - Everyday problems all people are faced with regularly. We start thinking about unit price and how it affects us when we buy extra products.
  • Proportion Word Problems (Hard) - These can be difficult for anyone. These problems are difficult for even adults at first. They can be tricky. Take your time.
  • Are the Ratios Proportional? - Find an equal proportion or create one. We make students apply higher levels of thinking with this one. They may need to create their on proportions.
  • Solving for the Missing Proportions - Solve for x over 4 versions here. There are 4 versions of this in the download. That should provide students with a great deal of practice to help improve their skills.
  • Horizontal Proportions - We change the typical format to work on the skill more. I just realized that the author on this one must have had crazy eights infiltrate his/her head. See if you get what I mean.
  • Using Proportions to Solve Word Problems - These can be a bit wordy like national exams. This is the first time that we add unneeded data to see if students can sift through the data to find the main and critical data.
  • Solving Proportions with Decimals - Who would have thought introducing a dot makes it that much harder? Decimals definitely help step up the level of difficulty here.