Money Worksheets and Resources

Printable math worksheets that help students learn how to count and use money. We work on basic operations and word problems with various denominations of currency. We include skills with the American and Canadian Dollar. We also include Euros.

Counting Money

All About Pennies - A great many fun facts about pennies. There are a couple of interesting facts about pennies for students and then we assess how well they comprehend what they read.

Counting Piles of Quarters - We focus you through counting a few quarters. This sheet walks them through process of finding a sum of quarters. They first determine how many they have, convert it to a value, and then convert it to a dollar value.

Counting Pennies - A starter sheet from the ground level. Just add up all the pennies that you see. A fun thing to do is to have them also add all the pennies on the page for a full total.

Counting Mixed Coins - Time to see if they get it. This is the real test. All the coins are disorganized and we need them to find the total sum. Writing values below each coin can help.

Matching Pennies to Values - Let's test your ability to count coins. Draw a line from the sets of pennies to their matching sum.

Matching Mixed Coins to Their Value - This is some what of a multiple choice activity. Determine each sets value and then compare the sums of the coins.

Counting Nickels - We move on to five cent pieces. Make sure that students can recognize the front and back of all coins. That is a new standard and has been seen on many national assessments as of recent.

Converting Bills and Coins into Values - Total all the money together. Find the total of all forms of currency and write their sum.

Compare the Values of Nickels and Pennies - Just total the values and then compare them. Compare the coin sums and then write the total sum of the larger set.

Counting Bills and Coins - Getting you ready for the store. Add up all the bill totals and write their value on the line.

Counting Dimes - Find the totals of the ten cent pieces. Count the sets of dimes and then draw a line to their total sums.

Drawing Sums of U.S. Coins - Your given a value and the number of coins to use. Use your own skills to create coins. Make sure to note what each coin is.

Match the Dimes and Nickels - Match the values over 2 columns. Count the coin sets and then match their sum to the same sum on the other side of the column.

$Money$ Word Search - Find the currency related words in the puzzle. Find the words that are related to money and currency in the puzzle. Answers are provided.

Counting Quarters (Simple) - A very simple quarter count. Each worth 25 cents as indicated on the sheet. It should be called "Adding sums of 25".


Comparing Values Of Money

Comparing Money in Dollar Form - A quick and easy greater than, less than, equal sheet doesn't seem so easy with the dollar sign in front of it for some children. Tell them to act as if it were not there. Greater than, less than, equal

Rounding To the Nearest Ten Dollars - A little rounding anyone? Round to the nearest ten dollars. A quick and easy sheet for you.

Comparing Sums of Money Visually - See the coins compare the sums. Determine each sets value and then compare the sums of coins.

Equal Values of Money - What are the equivalent values. These are prompted questions. Match the values between coins and bills.

Compare Money in Words - Using Vocabulary in the content area. Add up the money words and then compare your imaginary stacks of cash.

The Price is Right - Circle the coins that are equal to the price. Circle the coins that equal the totals. Remind them to use the fewest coins possible.


Operations With Dollar Values

Adding and Subtracting Money - Less than $10 values. We like to transition to this after a unit on Decimals or during the decimal unit in general.

Adding Up All Your Loot - Moderate to easy. This is a five pager. Find the sums of all the cash that is displayed.

Calculating Differences of Money - Large differences. We focus on using tens if thousands and thousands mostly. It's great practice.

Spending All Your Dough - Very easy. This is another five pager. Find the differences. Have them circle the greatest value in each for fun.

Calculating Sums of Money - Large sums too. We use large sums in this sheet. You can also find an answer key at the end.

Visually Add Money Worksheet - Another simple count with a twist. Try to figure out what coins are mising to complete the problems.

Make Perfect Change - Act like you are at the register. You are giving a value that you must make change for. Use the fewest number of bills and coins possible.

Working With Simple Interest Problems - Very introductory. Students determine how much interest is due in each situation.


Word Problems With Money

Solve the Word Problems! Money! - Common problems they would run into everyday. We have some introductory problems in this set that all focus on money and currency.

Spending Your Paycheck Word Problems (Tax +Fractions) - A bit more difficult. Each problem includes tax, fractions, or both. These are very practical problems that all students will need to master.

Money Word Problem Worksheet - Aligned directly to Core examples. We hit you up with some real world everyday problems that involve the exchange of money.

Money in Movies Word Problems - Involves gross sales of real movies. We introduce the movie theater and exchanging money for tickets and the concept of gross sales.

Giving Away All My Money Word Problems - These are difference based problems. We introduce the movie theater and exchanging money for tickets and the concept of gross sales.

Purchasing a Pet - What does your pet cost? We get real with students and breakdown the costs of each type of pet. It really seems to sink in with this one.

Saving Money Word Problems (Hard) - Mostly addition. We encourage kids to do the right thing and save their money. Hopeful the concept sticks with them.

Shopping With Sales Tax Word Problems - Typical sales math. Here are some very common everyday math problems you would come across when shopping.

Fish Market Visual Word Problems (No Tax) - Kids love this one. This set doesn't take tax into account. They were super fun to make and students enjoy them just the same.

They're having a Sale! - These are a bit involved. Find the values of these common everyday math problems when you go shopping at sale.

The Blow out Sales Continue - A sales based sheet. These problems may take a little longer for you than the previous set.

Tax, Simple Interest, Markups, and Mark Downs - A quick do now. Word problems of scenario that we run into every time we go shopping. Until I made this worksheet, I never realized how much psychology goes into the sales of items. WOW!


Worksheets With Canadian Currency

  1. Comparing Sums Of Canadian Coins - A simple method for introducing new coins and monetary systems.
  2. Counting Canadian Coin Totals - Circle the coins that match the totals. Careful, there are multiple acceptable answers.
  3. The Value of Canadian Coin Sets - Add up all the coins to find a total sum.
  4. What are 5 Worth To You? - We go through four different Canadian Coins and ask the value of five of them.
  5. Draw Canadian Coin Sums - Draw coins that make the specified values.

Worksheets With European Currency

  1. Comparing Sums Of European Coins - European coins to compare values of less than, greater than or equal.
  2. Counting European Coin Totals - Find the coins that match the sums that are indicated.
  3. Total European Coin Value - Count the coin sets to find their total.
  4. Draw European Coin Sums - Draw the coins that match the value and volume needed in each problem.

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