Money Worksheets and Resources

Printable math worksheets that help students learn how to count and use money. We work on basic operations and word problems with various denominations of currency. We include skills with the American and Canadian Dollar. We also include Euros.

Counting Money

All About Pennies
A great many fun facts about pennies.
Counting Piles of Quarters
We focus you through counting a few quarters.
Counting Pennies
A starter sheet from the ground level.
Counting Mixed Coins
Time to see if they get it.
Matching Pennies to Values
Let's test your ability to count coins.
Matching Mixed Coins to Their Value
This is some what of a multiple choice activity.
Counting Nickels
We move on to five cent pieces.
Converting Bills and Coins into Values
Total all the money together.
Compare the Values of Nickels and Pennies
Just total the values and then compare them.
Counting Bills and Coins
Getting you ready for the store.
Counting Dimes
Find the totals of the ten cent pieces.
Drawing Sums of U.S. Coins
Your given a value and the number of coins to use.
Match the Dimes and Nickels
Match the values over 2 columns.
$Money$ Word Search
Find the currency related words in the puzzle.


Comparing Values Of Money

Comparing Money in Dollar Form
Greater than, less than, equal
Rounding To the Nearest Ten Dollars
A little rounding anyone?
Comparing Sums of Money Visually
See the coins compare the sums.
Equal Values of Money
What are the equivalent values.
Compare Money in Words
Using Vocabulary in the content area.
The Price is Right
Circle the coins that are equal to the price.


Operations With Dollar Values

Adding and Subtracting Money
Less than $10 values.
Adding Up All Your Loot
Moderate to easy.
Visually Add Money Worksheet
Another simple count with a twist.
Make Perfect Change
Act like you are at the register.


Word Problems With Money

Solve the Word Problems! Money!
Common problems they would run into everyday.
Money Word Problem Worksheet
Aligned directly to Core examples.
Money in Movies Word Problems
Involves gross sales of real movies.
Giving Away All My Money Word Problems
These are difference based problems.
Purchasing a Pet
What does your pet cost?
They're having a Sale!
These are a bit involved.
The Blow out Sales Continue
A sales based sheet.


Worksheets With Canadian Currency

  1. Comparing Sums Of Canadian Coins
  2. Counting Canadian Coin Totals
  3. The Value of Canadian Coin Sets
  4. What are 5 Worth To You?
  5. Draw Canadian Coin Sums

Worksheets With European Currency

  1. Comparing Sums Of European Coins
  2. Counting European Coin Totals
  3. Total European Coin Value
  4. Draw European Coin Sums

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