7th Grade Do Now Math Worksheets

A great set of worksheets that test math skills on three different levels. Great to kick off or end a class after a math lesson. They are all aligned to the 7th grade core math learning standards.

Basic Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Order of Operations and Decimal Products: Several PEMDAS based questions followed by some decimal division.
  2. Version 2 - Fractional and Decimal Word Problems: e mix in unit rates with these problems. They are a good stepping stone to longer problems.
  3. Version 3 - Isolating Variables and PEMDAS: These sheets include two vital skills for eighth grade. Help your kids master these.
  4. Version 4 - Circumference and Labeling Angles: Students work on lines and the types of angles they create. The also explore circles.
  5. Version 5 - Drawing Specific Triangles: You will definitely need a protractor. This will give you a good sense, if students understand the material well.
  6. Version 6 - Decimal Products, Order of Operations: This is mostly a review sheet for the beginning of the school year. A great sheet to have if you need an extra 5 minutes in a lesson.
  7. Version 7 - Isolating Variables and Percentage Word Problem: Three algebra solve for x problems and a solid percentage increase word problem.
  8. Version 8 - PEMDAS and Circumference / Circle Area: The second problem usually is difficult for students. If they breeze through it, they are in good shape.
  9. Version 9 - Proportionality and Probability: We look at degrees of proportionality and probability. Look over your answers after you complete this one.
  10. Version 10 - Sales Based Word Problem and Substitution Problems: Everybody loves the lemonade stand problems. The algebra starter problems work well too.

Intermediate Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Solve for x and Opposite Integers: A quick review of algebra and opposite numbers.
  2. Version 2 - Fractional Sums and a Word Problem: Advanced fraction operations problems followed by a pretty layered word problem.
  3. Version 3 - Sales Focused Word Problems: Who would have ever thought that more math goes on in a clothing store than most arcades?
  4. Version 4 - 2 Step Problems, Parts of Circle Intersects: Quick two-step problems followed by some deep circle questions.
  5. Version 5 - Solve For Variables, Word Based Operations: We move to three step problems and it gets a bit more difficult.
  6. Version 6 - Mixed Word Problems and Scientific Notation: This one is one of our favorites. Question two is a question that is asked in baseball, year after year.
  7. Version 7 - Single Exponents and Fractional Sums: The first two problems breeze by and then the different denominators will slow you down in the second series.
  8. Version 8 - Opposite Integers and Solving Expressions: Just like the last one, it starts out easy and then you get slowed down.
  9. Version 9 - Interpreting Histograms: Students analyze a study of the likes and dislikes of certain fruits.
  10. Version 10 - Ratios to Decimals, Fractions, Percentages: This sheet will lock down the concept and relationships between proportions, ratios, decimals, fractions, and percentages.

Advanced Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Probability: We start using odds and chance of an event occurring.
  2. Version 2 - Making Histograms To Work With: This is a good little practice on help students to understand the importance of data and what it means.
  3. Version 3 - Volume of Rectangles and Cylinders: We review data in two different geometric shapes.
  4. Version 4 - Probability Word Problems: Some well thought out problems that will challenge you.
  5. Version 5 - Calculate Relational Angles: Students get the measure of one angle and then determine the value of all the other angles.
  6. Version 6 - Store Based Word Problems: We throw some real life situations at them. These are things that adults deal with everyday.
  7. Version 7 - Long Decimal Division: What goes better than long division along with decimals. Remind students to place the decimal point first.
  8. Version 8 - Mixed Word Problems: These are some difficult problems that need to be thought through before they attempt them. I usually help students think through it.
  9. Version 9 - Salary Based Word Problems and Decimal Division: The word problem may stump them. Give them a few hints, if needed.
  10. Version 10 - Great Central Tendency Project: This might be one of the longer problems we have in this section. Help students with the thought process.