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Antarctica: Songs/Poems


I Am a Penguin

(Sung to: Sing a Song of Sixpence)

I'm a little penguin
Living in the cold.
In the coldest place on earth,
And that's what I've been told!
I live in the Antarctic,
With all my friends, you see.
I would never leave this place,
So you can visit me!




















Antarctica's a continent,
The coldest place we know.
It's covered by an ice cap,
That's made of ice and snow.
The animals that live here,
The whales and penguins too,
Enjoy those freezing temperatures,
Too cold for me and you!
Penguins are called "flightless birds",
Which means that they can't fly.
Their "wings" are used for swimming,
Not soaring in the sky.
Seals and whales and dolphins,
All live here in the sea.
Many kinds of birds are here,
They dive for food, you see.
So, in that cold Antarctic,
With all that ice and snow,
We could never live down there,
Where freezing, cold winds blow!


Courtesy of Songs 4 Teachers´┐Ż ~ ~ Mary - [email protected]

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