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Bee: Songs/Poems


Flies and Bees

(Sung to: Sing a Song of Sixpence)

Flies and bees are insects
Buzzing all around
Coming to our picnic
And landing on the ground.
And when our picnic's over
And we are on our way,
We know that the flies and bees
Will come another day!









I Am a Bee

I am a bee and I work very hard
With all of my friends in this hive.
I am a "worker" ~ I work day and night,
So that all of us here can survive.
We work for our Queen Bee every day.
We gather the food and build cells.
We eat pollen and honey to build up our glands,
And we feed the young larvae as well.
So, now that you see what it's like in our hive,
And know some of the work that we do.
We hope from now on that you'll all understand,
That the words "Busy as a Bee" are so true!

Courtesy of Songs 4 Teachers´┐Ż ~ ~ Mary - [email protected]

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