The Most Significant Explorations in History

Exploration is considered one of the biggest foundations in History. It is where geography is discovered and expanded, and an opportune time for civilization to take place. For every country, exploration is placed as a significant part of its own history, and the same is, of course, said for United States.

The Lewis and Clark Exploration, an important event that happened in 1804 is considered as one of the most significant explorations in history. It is that particular event in which the Corps of Discovery, as led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, began a trip in an effort to explore the northwestern part of the country. They intend to travel to as far as the Pacific Ocean, all the while suffering physically and mentally, yet managing to learn a lot of things that helped in the progression of civilization at betterment of their country.

As marked to be one of the most significant explorations in history, the Lewis and Clark Exploration made its ground breaking information that are deemed beneficial not only in history but also in the field of Medicine and Science. As requested by then President Thomas Jefferson, Lewis made detailed reports through his diaries and drawings, including detailed maps, lands, people, plants and animals that they came across in their journey. He kept track of all the animals they had seen, including those of which had never been recorded before.

Clark, on the other hand, as the person in charge of hunting especially during winter months, managed to formulate a more precise and credible map. In this manner, the both of them managed to cover the requests of President Jefferson in securing proper records. Up to this day, such records by Clark and Lewis are considered of top quality and very informative, even for the modern scientists.

In the said one of the most important explorations in history, Lewis and Clark managed to meet other tribes living in the state. For Lewis, he managed to meet the Native Americans of the Piegan tribe, but this did not end up well for either party as a war between the Corps of Discovery and the Native Americans broke out soon enough due to miscommunication.

Lewis and Clark's historical exploration ended when the Corps of Discovery reached Saint Louis on the 23rd of September, 1806. Celebrations were held for Lewis, Clark and their entire crew, a celebration for their safe return and successful mission. With proper consolidations of their research findings that was compiled throughout the length of their travel, the submitted their report to President Jefferson who, at that time, was re-elected as the President of America.

The exploration made by Lewis and Clark provided a lot of advantage for America. Because of this exploration, the country is able to discover all the uncovered and unknown areas of the state. Politically, due to such discovery, they are able to make legal claims to such lands and expanded the countries' territory. Further, knowledge is expanded, as plenty of different plants and animals are discovered all throughout the journey, allowing better chances of expanding knowledge especially in the field of science. Conclusively, this exploration goes to show that travelling across the country to settle down in the far west is possible. Significantly, due to this exploration, the state of what is now known as Louisiana is born.

To this date, the results gathered from this exploration is being appreciated and used as a credible piece of information especially for scholars. The great success brought about by one of the most significant explorations in history presents itself as an inspiration for those who thrive to know more about the world. For this, the journey to discovery and expanding knowledge about the world shall continue.

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