Websites For Learning All About Animals

  1. - Provides pictures and basic information about various animals.
  2. All About Snails - Snail facts and related activities including: coloring, songs, story, games, and a teacher's corner.
  3. Bagheera Endangered Species - Learn about animals that are vanishing and species which have already become extinct. Explore the factors that threaten creatures around the world, and find out what can be done to improve their chances of survival.
  4. The Big Zoo - Facts, photos, videos, and sounds of many different animals. Also features Zoo News from around the world.
  5. The Electronic Zoo - A directory of sites about all types of animals.
  6. Endangered Earth - Describes the plight of endangered animals around the world.
  7. Endangered Species Picture Book - Tells what endangered species are and looks at some of the factors that threaten their existence. Also provides printable coloring pages that tell about 20 endangered creatures.
  8. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Provides a list of animals that are endangered and tells how they are being threatened.
  9. Louisiana Fur and Alligator Advisory Council- Wildlife and conservation education; activities and lesson plans for grades k-12; alligator, beaver, bobcat, fox, otter, nutria, muskrat, coyote biology.
  10. Natural History Notebooks - Illustrated introductions to more than 240 animal species, most of which are native to Canada. From the Canadian Museum of Nature. In English and French.
  11. Tigers in Crisis - Explains why the tiger population is at risk and tells about the efforts people are making to save them.
  12. The Wild Ones - Introduces the animals that are at risk and the people who are working to help them. Also features related student work. In English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  13. Wildlife Crimebusters - Find out how supersleuth scientists gather evidence to help solve crimes against animals. From National Geographic World.
  14. Wildlife's Last Resort - The guests that live here are high on the endangered species list. Check in and learn about these troubled fellas. Requires Flash plug-in.
  15. Zoobooks - The Encyclopedia of Animals - Tons of reliable animal information and resources, plus links to other homework sites.