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How would you feel when your boss constantly comes up to you, and ask you to check the spelling of the words in your reports? How would you feel when your boss is not assured about your reports when it comes to spelling and writing? You might say that mistakes do happen, but mistakes in spelling, especially in writing is a very bad idea.

In writing, the words are considered as the primary medium of communication that works between the writer and the reader. Each word contributes to the over-all meaning of a sentence, and it is very important for the writer to make the readers understand what he/she has written. A mistake in spelling of a single word can make the meaning of the whole sentence change. Thus, the spelling of words is very crucial in writing.

Learning is a continuous process, and a person's spelling skill can be learned and developed through time. How can one develop his/her spelling skill into something better?

There are basically five (5) steps to better spelling:

1. Learn the "basic rules" of spelling

2. Read more.

3. Familiarize yourself with words that are difficult to spell.

4. Practice writing using difficult-to-spell words.

5. Keep things in mind. Focus, and spell confidently.

The first among the 5 steps to better spelling is to learn the basic rules of spelling. There are many sources available in the internet about the basic rules on how to spell words. The first or the best known spelling rule is: i before e, except after c or when sounded like "ay" (example: neighbor). Some exceptions to this rule are the following words: sovereign, weight, and seizure. Another exception to this rule are the "CIEN" words (examples: efficient, and lenient). There are also basic rules for spelling the plural nouns, example of which is when to use "es" and"s". These are not the only rules available. Remember that there are also some words that are exempted to certain rules, and these too shall be considered.

Just simply memorizing the basic spelling rules will not improve the spelling skills of a person. The second step under the 5 steps to better spelling is to read more. The English language has a very vast network of words. By reading, a person gives himself a chance to know new words, of which some, are not very well used in his daily communication.

When the person continues to read and learn new words with difficult spelling (some of those words when misspelled, gives a different meaning), the next step the person should do is to familiarize himself with those words that are difficult to spell. Try to look up on the dictionaries and encyclopedia about the meaning of the words. Another way is to keep on reading topics related to the words that you have difficulty to spell.

The fourth step is to practice writing the words. When the meaning of the words is clear, use them in writing sentences. In this way, you are not only memorizing the spelling of the words, but you are also getting to know and understand the words itself. The difficulty of spelling will eventually diminish, and the spelling of the words will just come out naturally.

The last step under the 5 steps to better spelling is to keep things in mind. The words that you have learned should be kept in mind, and should be used as often as needed in order to keep the perfect spelling of the word. In later practices when these words will be used, just stay focus and remember all the things you have learned about it. After all when everything has been thoroughly understood and practiced, the correct spelling will just naturally come out and that's when you can confidently spell those difficult-to-spell words.

The 5 steps to better spelling are just basically the steps to follow in order to develop one's spelling capability. Considering that learning is a continuous process, spelling skill develops also in time if properly cultured with patience and perseverance in learning.

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