Insect Lesson Plans

Insects Teaching Theme Insect Worksheets


  1. Bug Go- "Bug-go is designed to help the players learn to identify some insects while learning which insects are beneficial and interesting facts about others."
  2. Butterfly & Caterpillar- Investigate and understand basic needs and life processes of plants and animals. Plants and animals live and die (go through a life cycle) Off springs of plants and animals are similar but not identical to their parents and one another.
  3. Choose an Insect- Students will write a short report addressing important facts about particular insects' lifestyle.
  4. Classroom Mascots- An insect unit isn't complete without live insects in the classroom. Many students like to bring insects for 'show and tell.'
  5. Insects All Year- A lesson per month.
  6. Spooky Spiders
  7. Termite Trails- Students will observe the behavior of termites and draw conclusions about their behavior.
  8. Using Insects in the Classroom- The objectives of this page are to give educators basic information about insects and ideas on how to use insects in the classroom.