Money Lesson Plans

  1. A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned - Students will develop the understanding of how money is an intricate part of every day life.
  2. Budgeting Makes A Difference- Students are given different amounts of money to see if they can figure out a budget and compare and contrast what life is like now with a child and what life would be like if they were older and had someone else to help them raise a child.
  3. Count and Round Money - Make Change. Play a game to foster mastery of concept.
  4. Currency Strength Meter - This site helps students understand the realtive value of currency at a set point in time.
  5. Decimal Values and Money - The students will be able to recognize and identify each coin and its value.
  6. Earnings, Spending, and Saving Money - The learner will count money with different coins up to totals of one dollar.
  7. Exploring Money - I wanted students to be able to look at the money by themselves, but also be able to talk to others about it, so think-pair-share was the perfect structure for this lesson.
  8. Exploring Use and Function of Coins - Kids will investigate a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter -identify and explain similarities and differences between the coins.
  9. Fun With Counting Coins - Learn to distinguish the coins quarter, penny, nickel, and dime.
  10. Going Shopping! - TLW create different sets of coins for a given value by using the money stamps.
  11. Identifying Money - Students will be able to determine the value of a collection of different bills and coins.
  12. Introducing Money- Learn the coin rap and coin values.
  13. Introduction to Canadian Coins - An introduction to new centers store & Canadian currency sorting and patterning station.
  14. Microsoft Excel Budget Project - Students will be able to determine Gross Pay, Annual Taxes, and Net Pay.
  15. Money Identification - Visually Identify money, label each denomination with proper values and addition of various types of currency.
  16. Money Madness - The students will be able to find the amounts of simple combinations of the coins together.
  17. Money Makes Cents - Learning to identify coins by name and value.
  18. Money Management - Students will be able to gain an understanding of Budgets, saving and life choices through basic math.
  19. Percentages in Money - How percentages are used in the various daily exchanges of money.
  20. School Store - Students will also be able to make simple change based on individuals purchasing items of set values and given simple dollar counts.
  21. Teaching Money- Students will be able to identify coin/money values. Students will be able to write amounts of money.
  22. The Price is Right! - hat students will gain an understanding of what a profit is and how to make a profit rather than loose money.
  23. What Do You Know About Money? - Students will break up into small groups to complete handout puzzle on "What do you know about money."
  24. Who's Fine Face? - The learner will identify money and it's value; count groups of money and write the amounts up to 100 cents.